Efficient finance management is about saving both money and time. With Fentury you can connect all your bank and e-Wallet accounts and we’ll automatically structure your data and always keep you up-to-date.


Quickly add manual transactions and don’t let them ruin your day

Data Import

Import historical data from your bank or another app - don’t let it go to waste

Truly Global

A network of 2500+ banks around the world with 160+ currencies supported


Budgeting is one of the keys to financial success. Fentury offers you flexible budgets that help you set your priorities straight. Each Budget is automatically updated as you add new expenses to the chosen category. No more overextending on stuff you don’t need, stay well within limits and live a healthy financial life.


A new layer of personalization for easy tracking and analysis


Know where each dollar went by adding custom categories


Always stay updated with personalized notifications


Know where you stand with one quick glance at the screen

Fees & Subscriptions

Stop paying for things you don’t need or ever know about

Category Breakdown

Know exactly where your money goes

All Platforms

Keep track of your finances anytime and anywhere. Fentury is available on multiple platforms: Web, Android, iOS and Apple Watch. Choose what you like the most or use them all together!

Instant Sync

Never lose data with instant sync across all devices

Offline Access

Keep track of expenses even without connection

Ultimate Security

Add an additional security layer to your mobile app using Passcode