Fentury white label banking revolutionizes the way customers see digital banking, personalizing their experience and offering a 360-degree view of their financial life. The solution combines the best of both worlds: basic banking functions and personal finance advising tools, to provide perfect user experience and drive customer engagement to a whole new level.

Main devices
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  • Personal Finance Management

    Provide your customers with personalized digital banking experience and raise your engagement rates to the next level

  • Mobile and Web Banking

    Unify your customer’s financial needs in one app — make payments, open accounts, view currency exchange rates, apply for loans and any other banking activities combined together

  • Analytical and Marketing Platforms

    Receive insights into customer profiles and credit rating, and run targeted campaigns with personalized offers based on the customer’s financial history

Personal Finance Management

Offer your customers complete control over their personal finances by providing a financial tool set: Budgeting, Saving Goals, Financial Calendar, Advanced Reports, Advice & Notifications, etc. Give the customers a reason to engage with your app on a daily basis, raise their trust by providing timely warnings and precautionary actions, and improve customer satisfaction with useful advice and insights to help them take their financial health to a higher level and keep it in check.

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Cards & Accounts

With the help of Spectre API your clients can link all their accounts, including external ones, to Fentury. We are currently supporting 2500+ financial institutions from over 50 countries, as well as online payments systems such as: PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

  • All cards & accounts: current account, savings, checking, mortgage, loan, insurance, debit/credit cards, bonus, etc.
  • Bank statement with transaction details
  • Account holder information
  • Notification alerts for balance thresholds

Transactions, Categorization, Merchant Identification

Unify all of your customer’s transactions across all their cards and accounts in the same place - your banking app. Fentury makes navigating through transactions a easy task with accurate categorization, merchant mapping, and powerful search capabilities.

  • Unified Information
  • Normalized Data
  • 93% Transaction Categorization Accuracy
  • Self-Learning Categorization Engine
  • User-driven Recategorization
  • Merchant Identification
  • Merchant Mapping
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Financial planning

Automate financial planning by implementing Fentury’s flexible functionality which automatically generates and manages financial budgets, schedules bills and other payments.

  • Set up a Monthly Plan for Bills, Savings and day-to-day spending
  • Receive a monthly automated budget based on spending history
  • Schedule future expenses and recurring bills
  • Review past spending patterns based on categories and time intervals
  • Get timely reminders & warnings to stay within your budget limits

Saving Goals

It’s easier to achieve a financial goal when you can actually track your progress. Setting up a Saving Goal and trying to reach it is an effective way to revitalize your financial health.

  • Set up a Saving Goal and track your progress through a linked savings account
  • Estimate how much time it will take to achieve your goal based on your monthly plan
  • Personalize your goals by adding categories and photos
  • Get notifications on your goal progress
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Health Check & financial Report

Discover customer Financial Health Check and contextual expense reporting. Providing customers with information and advice based on their transactions is a rewarding feeling which helps build a habit for financial management.

  • Weekly and Monthly reports rendered across channels, e.g. activity feeds and via email
  • Detailed Transactions Reports which include category grouping, monthly turnover, merchant reports, etc.
  • Financial forecast based on transaction history and past spending

Day-to-day Advice & Notifications

  • Drive your customer engagement to new heights by offering day-to-day gamified guidance
  • Improve customer trust with timely based warnings and precautionary actions
  • Raise customer satisfaction with useful insights to help keep their financial health in check
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Personal Finance Management Platform

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Mobile and Web Banking

The PSD2 Priora Solution enables customers to move funds from multiple institutions, directly from your banking app, e.g.:

  • Make payments
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Make instant payments
    • Pay invoices
    • Make national and international transfers
  • Request money from a friend
  • Exchange currency at competitive rates

Account Management

Cover all customers’ financial needs with a single app:

  • Manage your credit/debit card:
    • Report as stolen
    • Restore CVV
  • Fast account opening:
    • Debit/Credit Card
    • Current Account
    • Savings Account
  • Apply for loan, mortgage, insurance, etc
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Become an Intelligent Bank with
Fentury Mobile and Web Banking Solution

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Analytical & Marketing Platform

Give your managers access to a whole new type of customer info. Based on the data aggregation and personal finance manager modules, the bank receives a powerful analytical platform which grants the possibility to create customer profiles with detailed information and credit rating (including analysis from other financial institutions):

  • Customer Statistics
  • Activity Analysis
  • Customer Profiling
  • Partners Management
  • Different Access Levels
  • Support Desk for direct contact with customers

Targeted Campaigns

Put the data of your customers to good use and personalize their experience. Reduce marketing cost per client and reach new & existing clients faster, and with less effort, as well as increase cross-selling opportunities.

  • Facebook-like customer segmentation
  • Product recommendations based on customer profiles
  • Engagement statistics and instant tracking
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Offers image

Personalized Offers

Offer the right products, for the right customers, at the right time:

  • Use Spectre API customer data enrichment and other third party partners to run targeted campaigns based on customer data
  • Use Fentury to combine core banking, data analytics and artificial intelligence to get the highest success rate of matching customer needs and product offers
  • Get new digital revenue streams

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