Building a system that users can be confident in is one of our company’s core values

In designing and building our service, we have placed the utmost importance on security. All your information is protected with the same security solutions as the world’s largest banks. Fentury offers you a stable and attack-proof environment where you can keep all your financial information intact, and hidden from a potential attacker.

Security bank

Bank-Level Data Encryption

The security architecture has been developed and tested together with leading consulting firms within the area of IT security.

Sensitive data is not saved within the system as plain text. It is always encrypted using an asymmetric encryption algorithm using 2048-bit keys. This algorithm is widely used by financial institutions and allows to hide all confidential data in such a way, that no third party could visualize or manipulate it.

In case the bank has an additional security measure such as an sms-code, token or any other, it is added as a new security-layer in the system.

Security mobile

Safeguarded Mobile App

To make sure that Fentury mobile applications are fully secure and your data is not exposed even if the device is lost, we are encrypting all locally-stored data. If the need arises you can delete all mobile data remotely, while keeping all the important financial data synchronized on our protected servers. You can also add an additional security layer to your mobile device by enabling a 4-digit passcode.

Security planet

Classified Sensitive Data

All financial accounts are added to Fentury in read-only mode and the platform cannot manipulate any of the financial information.

No one can access your accounts, but you. Once the Fentury account has been created all data within is anonymized - you’re no more than plain numbers to us. Even the developers won’t be able to access your private information.

It is entirely up to you how long you want to use Fentury. You can close your account at any time, in which case all your information, including personal data, accounts, transactions, etc will be permanently deleted.

We Value “Personal” in Personal Finance

Managing our users’ personal data is a responsibility we take extremely seriously. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of our users’ personal information. We value your privacy and will never sell personal information to anyone. You can check that yourself at Fentury's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.