Frequently Asked Questions
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If the authentication step doesn't require any user interaction, all your bank accounts will be refreshed automatically when you access Fentury web version.

The Refresh option is completed automatically for banks that do not require user interaction (captcha, token, sms verification code, secret question, etc.) and is manual in case such information is required to log into your account.

The Reconnect option is used when your log in information has changed and/or in case the bank server has not successfully responded to the Refresh request.

Yes. We’re connected to the SaltEdge data aggregation service, which supports more than 2,200 banks from more than 40 countries. If you can’t find your bank, you can make your own suggestion by submitting the following request form.

Fentury supports data import from OFX, CSV, XLS, QIF files, which makes the integration process very easy. Check out the guideline for more information.

Yes, you can import your statement from such apps as InEx Finance, QuickBooks, Mint, Home Finance, Coin Keeper, etc. Check out the guideline for more information.

Each e-wallet has a link to your card account from which you add or withdraw your money. Hence, your card transactions to e-wallets are actually transfers. Our system supports the majority of e-wallets and Payment systems, which you can add to your Fentury account and have all your purchases categorized properly in one place. Learn more about automatic e-wallet connection in guides.

It means that the update process for this financial institution started, but at some point the bank server stopped to respond. Hence, the system hasn't finished updating all your data. If the bank isn’t interactive, the system will try to update the data once again within one hour. Otherwise, you’ll need to reconnect the bank once again a bit later.

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You can rename all your accounts from the Accounts page by clicking on the account you want to edit. Read more about accounts management in guides.

Turning off your manual account hides it from accounts list and makes adding of transactions impossible for this account (unless enabled again). Transactions history of this account will remain in the main transactions list.

Note: Transactions assigned to the disabled account are not reflected in budgets or reports (besides transactions filter report).

Your default currency of the country you registered from is taken as the main currency for your profile. In order to change your main currency, go to the menu bar → profile → currency → main.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the currency of your wallet. Here's a trick: create a new manual account in the desired currency then select all active wallet transactions in the web interface and move them to the newly created wallet using the edit option. Then simply delete the old one.

Note: By deleting your account, you'll destroy all your data connected to it, including the list of made transactions. Disabled account keeps transactions list, but transactions won't get any reflection in budgets or reports anymore.

If you do not want Fentury to take into consideration one of your cards, you can enable "Ignore balance" setting on accounts page, while editting an existing account. The balance of the account will not be taken into consideration when calculating your total balance.

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Open Transactions' List by accessing Transaction from the top menu. Select the transactions you want to operate with by selecting the transaction's check-box or in case you want to mark all the transactions check the top check-box. By selecting the down arrow sign next to top check-box you will access the drop-down menu with possible actions that can be applied to the selected transactions.

Fentury will accept the negative transaction but will ignore the negative sign and will use it based on Income/Expense/Transfer type selection.

If the transaction is marked as ‘pending’ by your bank, you won’t be able to edit or delete it. A pending transaction is a transaction not yet confirmed or posted by a merchant. As soon as your bank confirms the transaction, you will be able to edit it.

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Budgets can be repeated automatically by enabling the "repeat this budget" option during the creation or from the "Edit budget" menu.

You can copy all your existing budgets to another month and then delete the unnecessary ones from that month's budget list.

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Data import requires the same fields (login, password, sms, token etc.) that you use to login into your internet banking. We need this information to create a secure connection with your financial institution and help you organize and manage all your accounts easily. This also allows us to download and categorize your transaction list securely and automatically.

Fentury is the only financial software which allows you to choose not to store any login information on our side. It means that your login information will be used to connect to your bank only once and won’t be saved anywhere. In case you decide to save the trouble of updating, syncing your data and store your login information, this information will be stored securely in a separate database using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. Providing you with the safest environment and the best user-experience is our main priority.

No, because Fentury does not require any personally identifiable information for you to create an account. Your email address and a password is all you need to start using Fentury. And all sensitive information is encrypted, making any data breach impossible.

You can manage your mobile devices associated with your account remotely. You can delete your account from any device or change your account password from the web-version at any point.

Moreover, in Fentury Android/iOS apps, you can set a 4-digit PIN to help keep you even more protected on any mobile devices. This feature can be found in the Settings option at the main menu.

If you are using an Android device with the Passcode enabled, Fentury will block the ability to take screenshots, making sure your information cannot be accessed by any malevolent third-party software

Unfortunately this code can not be reset, but you can delete the app and install it again. After accessing your Fentury account by using Fentury credentials you will have your data restored on your mobile device. In case you have some data on your mobile device that hasn't been synchronized with your Fentury account yet, then this data will be lost after reinstalling the app.