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In order to generate useful reports, you need to categorize your income and expenses according to your daily lifestyle. Fentury makes it easy for you to manage and customize your categories based on your specific needs. Fentury has more than 70 default categories (including subcategories), but you can disable or add new categories with just a few clicks.

Click on the menu bar and select Categories from the drop-down list.

Manage your categories

In order to make some changes within a category, choose Categories option from the menu bar and select the parent category you need:

  • turn off the subcategory from the switch box, if you don’t want to use it anymore;
  • click the ‘+ Add new subcategory’ in the bottom left corner in order to add a new subcategory to the main one;
  • if you don’t want to use the whole parent category, you can turn off the category from the switch box;
  • rename the category by typing its new name and hitting 'Save' (only for the categories manually created by you).

If you want to create a new category, press ‘New category’ button, type its name and indicate whether it's a 'Parent category' or a ‘Subcategory’ that should go under an existing 'parent category'.

Note: while renaming categories or creating new ones, be careful with the attributed names. It’s very important to have unique names for each category/subcategory.

Automated Categorization

Fentury is connected to SaltEdge API which provides bank data integration and automatically categorizes imported transactions. The Categorizer retrieves the transaction description from your accounts in financial institutions and automatically attributes it to one of 78 relevant expense/income categories.

The Categorizer has been designed as a self-learning feature. It analyzes your categorization preferences and adjusts its rules of assigning categories to transactions accordingly. You just have to assign a specific transaction to a category you consider appropriate for three times, and the system will assign this type of transactions to the selected category from now on.

The categorization process delivers results with an accuracy level above 90% and is constantly improving based on users feedback. Moreover, the Categorizer supports multiple languages, which makes its work more personalized and precise. You don’t need to categorize each transaction manually anymore, Fentury will do it for you.