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Working with transactions

Transactions help you keep track of your income and expenses. You can see all your transactions, including transfers, made within your connected bank accounts. Along with this Fentury allows you to manage your cash flow by creating, editing, deleting transactions from your wallet.

In this section you’ll learn:

In order to view the full list of your transactions click Transactions from the main menu.

If you want to see transactions only for one account, choose the name of that specific account from the left menu featuring all your accounts.

Add a new transaction

You can add a new transaction from wherever you are on the Fentury Web, by clicking the violet '+' button in the top right corner.

Add transaction

If you want to add an income or make a transfer, change the option from ‘Expense’ to the one you need.

You can choose which account this transaction should be attributed to. Usually it’s your wallet, but you can also select your bank account, in case something is missing after the procedure of import.

One of the most important things is categorization. That’s why you can choose between more than 18 basic categories and more than 60 subcategories.

The currency of your transaction is the same one as your selected account has. Type in the transaction amount.

You should also indicate the transaction date. If you want, you may add some comments or tags, which are optional fields.

Press ‘Add’ button in order to finalise the creation of a new transaction or ‘Close’ if you want to leave the ‘Add new transaction’ option.

Calculating your transaction

The amount input field contains an integrated calculator that will help you easily determine the amount of your Income, Expense, or Transfer. This feature automatically calculates the final amount - simply use the same formulas as in a basic calculator. This can help you quickly add transactions to different categories from a huge receipt.

Calculate transaction

Add a transfer

When adding a new transaction, you have the possibility to select the ‘Transfer’ option (next to 'Income' and 'Expense').

Add transfer

In the 'Transfer' form you should select the first account which you transfer money from along with the corresponding amount, and the second account where you transfer money to along with the sum of the transfer.

You can add tags and comments to the transfer. It will generate two transactions: one income transaction in “To” and one expense transaction in “From”.

Edit, delete, copy or split transactions

In order to edit, delete or split transactions access Transactions tab from the top menu.

Selected transactions

You can edit, delete or mark multiple transactions as transfers at the same time by selecting those you need and clicking on the down arrow between the selection box and the ‘Date’ option. There you can choose between ‘Edit selected’, ‘Mark as transfer’ or simply ‘Delete selected’ transactions.

You’ll need to confirm your choice for the ‘Mark as transfer’, ‘Delete selected’ options, in order to prevent you from incidental activities.

If you choose the ‘Edit selected’ option, the window with specific criteria will pop up.

Multiple edit

In order not to update all the fields with same data, the application allows you to choose which specific fields you want to edit for selected transactions, including: account, category, amount, date, tags, notes.

You can add, replace, subtract tags by choosing the option you need. ‘Add’ option allows creation of new tags for selected transactions. ‘Replace’ option allows you to change one common tag to another within selected transactions. And ‘Subtract’ option gives you the possibility to delete tags from all the selected transactions.

In order to manage one transaction, press on it’s name and the following window will pop up:

Edit transaction

In order to edit its settings, select the option you need and change it. You can edit date, category, amount, tags, description here. Press ‘Save changes’ and your transaction’s details will be updated.

Note: you can’t edit the currency or the account here.

If you want to delete the transaction, select the 'Delete' option from the 'Operations' drop-down menu in the bottom left corner and confirm your choice.

You can copy your transaction by choosing ‘Copy’ option from the ‘Operations’ drop-down menu. In such a way all your data will be copied to the ‘new transaction’ option with the possibility to change the details of the new copied transaction. Press ‘Add’ to confirm your activity or ‘Close’ to undo the copy option.

Split transaction

If your transaction affects more than one category, you can split your transaction by choosing ‘Split’ option from the 'Operations' button.

This option is usually used when:

  • you’ve bought a number of goods that apply to several categories (home supplies, groceries, pets, kids, clothes, etc.);
  • you want to split your income, in order to allocate an amount for this month and leave a part for the next one.
Split transaction

As soon as you choose ‘Split Transaction’, you’ll see a new pop up window with original and split options.

You can change categories, amounts add tags, write new comments and split your transaction in more than two parts (by pressing '+' button). After you’re done, hit ‘Save’ button and you’ll see separated transactions.

Duplicated transactions

It may occur that during an automatic synchronization of your transactions the Financial Instituion will change the description of some transactions. This will lead to you having not one, but two identical transactions. In order to avoid this kind of misunderstanding in future, notify the system about the duplicate transaction: select the duplicated transaction and choose 'Mark as duplicated' from the drop-down menu, as shown on the screenshot.

Duplicated transactions

Search transactions

You can search transactions in several ways: access Transactions tab from the main menu and insert the data you are interested in (it could be the category or subcategory, description, tag or amount) in the 'Search' box. The other option is to go to reports and choose Transactions Filter and search for the transactions, specifying filter criteria. If you want to filter transactions by origin account, simply click on the desired account from the left-side menu.

Manage your tags

Tags are helpful when you have transactions attributable for different categories, but you want to see a report on this specific group.

For example, I want to learn how much money I spent for my family (which can be included in food & dining, entertainment, bills, kids, pets, home, travel categories). So, in order to be able to see the full report on all my family expenses, I create and apply/use the tag 'family'.

You can create new tags while adding a new transaction. Just type the new tag name in the tag field.

In order to see the full transactions list for a specific tag, go to Transactions from the menu bar and type in the search box the tag name you're interested to see all the list of transactions.

You can also go to Tag Overview report and see all your tags and the amount spent on them for a specific timeframe.